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What's the Grange?

The Grange is a family organization where every family member over the age of 5 can belong and participate. A Junior Grange for ages 5-14 caters to the needs of the younger members.

Community service is a primary function of the Grange. Members serve their communities through participation and contribution. Fun and fellowship are important parts of the Grange too. With over 1,500 members in Berks County alone, it's the perfect place to make long-lasting friendships.

Twelve Community Granges are located throughout Berks County, PA. Each Grange has their own meeting place and time and determine activities and projects best suited for the needs of the membership and community.

To become a member, simply contact the Grange of your choice.

Friends of all ages are made in the Grange!

Upcoming Grange Events

  • Feb 2(8:00AM-1:00PM): Ontelaunee Grange breakfast
  • Feb 3(6:00PM): Collate ECHO at Kutztown Grange
  • Feb 7-8: Junior Grange Sleepover at Fleetwood Grange Hall
  • Feb 17(7:30PM) Pre-Quarterly Meeting at Kutztown Grange
  • Mar 1(9:45AM) Pomona Meeting at Kutztown Grange
  • Mar 1(7:30PM) Haus/Game Night, Location TBA
  • Mar 2(8:00AM-1:00PM): Ontelaunee Grange breakfast
  • Mar 3(6:45PM) Basket Bingo at Kutztown Grange, $20 for25 games. Call Darlene for tickets, 61-683-7975
  • Mar 9: Daylight Savings Time Begins
  • Mar 15(7:00PM): Farm Family Appreciation Celebration at Hamburg Field House
  • Mar 21: Ozzy’s Event for Juniors
  • Mar 2(8:00AM-1:00PM): Ontelaunee Grange breakfast
  • Mar 29(4:00PM-7:00PM): Turkey Pot Pie Dinner at Kutztown Grange. Call Nancy, 610-562-5817 or Darlene, 610-683-7975 for Reservations. Adults $8; children, 4-12, $4; under 4, Free
  • Apr 5(8:00AM): Hoagie and/or Ham Sandwich sale at Kutztown Grange$3.50 pick up at hall at 8 AM, Call 610-683-7975 to order
  • Apr 6(8:00AM-1:00PM): Ontelaunee Grange breakfast
  • Apr 8(7:00PM) Junior Team Meeting at Ontelaunee
  • Apr 10: Pomona ECHO deadline
  • Apr 11(7:00PM) Legislative Banquet at Virginville
  • Apr 18: Potato Filling and Bacon Dressing Sale at Kutztown Grange. Pick up 3-6 PM at hall Filling : 1 1/2 lbs=$4; 2 1/2 lbs=$6; Dressing pint, $4; quart, $6. Call by April 11 to order/Darlene, 610-683-7975
  • Apr 20: EASTER
  • Apr 26: Tri-County Visitation at Schuylkill County Hosting
  • Apr 27(10:15AM) Go-To-Church Sunday at Salem Belleman’s Church, Mohrsville
  • Apr 28(6:45PM) Pioneer Grange Longaberger Basket Bingo. Tickets are $20. Call Cindy, 610-641-0700 or Tammy, 610-682-7077 for tickets
  • May 4(8:00AM-1:00PM): Ontelaunee Grange breakfast
  • May 5(4:15PM): Collate ECHO at Ontelaunee Grange, Hamburg Grange assisting
  • May 12(7:30PM): Pre-Auction Meeting at Ontelaunee Grange
  • May 16-18: Berks County Junior Grange Camp, Camp Swatara
  • May 19(7:30PM): Pre-Quarterly Meeting at Virginville Grange
  • May 20: Primary Election Day

General Inquiries

Please see Granges in Berks for specific contact information for each Grange.

Berks County Grange Secretary:
Jennifer Beamon
Phone: (484) 769-4431

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